Bradesco S.A., one of the largest private financial institutions in the country, is engaged in two major lines of business – financial intermediation and other banking services and insurance. It is present in all the Brazilian municipalities – a competitive differential reflected in a network comprising more than 65 thousand service posts, including branches, service points, ATMs and Bradesco Expresso points, more than 68 million clients and 93,000 employees, as well as assets in excess of R$1 trillion. Its corporate head office is located in Cidade de Deus, in the São Paulo municipality of Osasco. G4-3 | G4-5 | G4-7

Since its foundation, Bradesco has maintained an open door approach for all segments of the public, offering a broad variety of products and banking, financial and insurance services through a segmented structure for both individual and corporate clients. Moreover, it promotes measures on diverse fronts, such as incentives for the development of technology startups, and products that help foment the economy, such as its Local Production Arrangement programs (APL in the Portuguese acronym). G4-4

In synergy with technological advances and the new ways in which society interacts with digital media and mobility, the Organization has been consolidating a model for the natural migration of channels – convergence – and accessibility which connects all the products and services offered on the physical plane with the digital world, a strategy which permits 92% of banking transactions to be conducted via digital channels, totaling 10.5 billion operations – 32% of which by cellular telephone. In absolute numbers, more than 3.7 billion transactions were conducted via mobile banking in 2015, including consultations, loans and check deposits, among others.

Focused on client service and achieving recognition as the best and most efficient financial and insurance institution in the country, its nationwide operations promote financial inclusion and sustainable development. Consequently, a robust corporate governance and risk and opportunity management structure is indispensible for preserving value generation capacity over the long term.

For this reason, Bradesco adopts directives and initiatives oriented to best corporate sustainability practices, including the Global Compact, the Equator Principles, the Principles for Sustainable Insurance (PSI) and the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). G4-15

Bradesco Seguros is an effective member of the PSI, holding a seat on its Board of Directors. In December 2015, the company was one of the first signatories of the Paris Pledge for Action, which supports the final document generated by COP 21, the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris. G4-15

The Organization’s excellence in business management is recognized by the major sustainability indices, worthy of note being the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, and Brazil’s ISE Corporate Sustainability Index and ICO2 Carbon Efficient Index, whose performance assessment criteria take into account adoption of the best governance practices based on economic efficiency, environmental balance and social justice.


Banking/Financial Activities Insurance, Supplementary Pension Plans and Capitalization Bonds
Banco Bradesco S.A. Bradesco Seguros S.A.
Banco Bradescard S.A. Bradesco AUTO/RE Companhia de Seguros
Banco Bradesco BBI S.A. Bradesco Capitalização S.A.
Banco Bradesco Cartões S.A. Bradesco Saúde S.A.
Banco Bradesco Financiamentos S.A. Bradesco Vida e Previdência S.A.
Bradesco S.A. Corretora de TVM Atlântica Companhia de Seguros
Ágora Corretora de TVM S.A. Odontoprev S.A.
BRAM – Bradesco Asset Management S.A. DTVM Mediservice Operadora de Planos de Saúde S.A.
Bradesco Leasing S.A. Arrendamento Mercantil  
Bradesco Administradora de Consórcios Ltda.  



4.247, (PAs) + Electronic Service Posts in Companies (PAEs) +1; 43.560, Bradesco Expresso; 14, Overseas Branches/Subsidiaries; 627, Bradesco Dia e Noite External Points; 4.507, Branches; 12.896, Others 2 Savings accounts 65.851, Total number of service points: legend: 1. 1. PAs: result of the consolidation of PABs (Posto de Atendimento Bancário), PAAs (Posto Avançado de Atendimento) and Exchange Bureaus (Postos de Câmbio), in accordance with CMN Resolution No. 4,072/12. PAEs are electronic self-service posts located in a company.; 2. Includes 11,721 assisted points of the Banco 24Horas network and 1,175 Bradesco Promotora de Vendas points.
Checking accounts Receipt and processing of payments Commercial leasing
Savings accounts Insurance Asset management and intermediation services
Loans and credit Supplementary pension plans Securities brokerage
Issuance and management of credit cards Capitalization bonds  
Consortiums Investment banking  

Service Network – Branches’ Market Share

Service network map and Branches' Market Share in Brazil. North region have 6.1% of branches and 23.9% market share. Northeast region have 18.8% of branches and 23.6% market share. Midwest region have 7.5% of branches and 18.7% market share. Southeast region have 51.4% of branches and 19.8% market share. South region have 16.2% of branches and 17.2% market share



Upon integration of the Bradesco and HSBC operations, identify synergies and each institution’s best practices to drive superior results.

Continuous improvement in technology and service customization, aimed at enhancing services for clients allied with improved financial results.

Improve performance in managing the risks and opportunities associated with climate change by means of business models that enable mitigation and adaptation to the effects of climate change. Among its various positive aspects, the ongoing development of digital forms of relationship helps reduce the need for travel.

Internationalization of the Elo brand: the initiative will promote the launch of products for mid and high income clients. International in reach, these will position Elo on a par with the other card brands present in Brazil and worldwide, increasing potential client numbers, boosting market share, card base and revenues, as well as driving competitiveness.


  • Bradesco Cartões Application – This will contain essential credit card information, forging an even closer link between the client and the bank. The virtual card, a service permitting more secure virtual purchases, will also be launched in the application in 2016.

  • Bradesco Watson – This represents a first step towards cognitive systems, using a combination of three capabilities: natural language processing, generation and assessment of hypotheses and dynamic learning. The model, which is capable of simulating intellectual activity (such as perception, learning, analysis, reasoning, memory, abstraction and communication), based on artificial intelligence systems, transforms the client’s interaction experience with the Bradesco Organization’s consulting systems, because it understands natural language and provides responses based on confidence levels. Initially it will be used as a support tool for call center attendants and by branch employees to clarify clients’ doubts about a series of products, such as overdraft facilities, corporate overdraft facilities, loans, rural loans, leasing, collection and custody services (ChequeFlex PJ, Conta Garantida, Crédito Flex Bradesco, Disconto, Fiança, Vendor, Crédito Rural, Leasing, Negociação de Cobrança, Custódia de cheque) via a chat interface. The more it is used, the smarter Bradesco Watson will become because, based on questions asked in natural language, it will be able to analyze the information needed and provide the best answer based on confidence levels. Effectiveness will be boosted by joint efforts between branch employees and Call Center attendants. The branch employees will be required to ask questions and analyze whether the answers given by Bradesco Watson are correct, providing positive or negative feedback. The Call Center, in addition to asking questions, will be able to identify the improvements necessary via the feedback received.

  • Digital Real Estate Loans – This transforms the experience of acquiring a Bradesco real estate loan, making the process 90% digital and more sustainable. Loan acquisition will involve two online stages (1st stage: simulation and pre-approval; 2nd stage: filling out of forms) and one visit to a branch (registration, signature and approval of the contract). To validate the new process concept, a Concept Test was carried out with a group of eleven employees, resulting in the effective concession of five loan contracts. The main value added is: for the client, a reduction in the time spent getting a loan; for the Organization, optimization and gains in process efficiency. For society, reduced consumption of paper.

  • Credit Recovery Platform – An online negotiation solution for overdue payments, enabling interaction between debtors and the bank. The debtors may submit proposals to settle the amount owed in a secure environment, making the payment directly to Bradesco. In a friendly manner, the interaction enables the identification of the client’s market behavior, permitting the bank to offer products and services that fit the user profile. The trial, which is currently underway, is aimed at assessing whether the new channel may help to increase the credit recovery rate and convert debtors into potential consumers.

  • Mobile Platform for Client Appointment management (Virtual Queuing) – This is an innovative method enabling clients to make an appointment at Bradesco branches by means of an application which they download to their mobile device (cell phone, smartphone or tablet – iOS and Android). The app also permits clients to find the nearest branch via geolocation. The solution is focused on enhancing client perception of value in the use of the branches, reducing the time they spend in line.

  • – A gamified mobile platform for conducting training, this solution enables the expansion of the Bradesco Corporate Education platform. Using gamification techniques, allows employees and/or clients to gradually improve their financial knowledge through educational content presented in an intuitive, relaxed and entertaining way. Depending on their score, users may receive prizes, the objective being to stimulate learning and engage employees and/or clients. Trials were conducted with employees at the Cidade de Deus unit, Bradesco’s headquarters.

  • Bradesco Next Space – As a pioneer in innovation and technology, Bradesco consolidated the mobile version of the Bradesco Next Space. By means of these Spaces, we present the public with the latest technologies and innovations applied to people’s routine interactions with the bank. The space offers technological facilities, combining the best of the physical world with the digital universe in an innovative futuristic design, with light projections on glass and digital interface technologies. Bradesco presents the innovations through banking transactions in digital channels and new forms of usability, formats, layout, design and innovation via smartphone, iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, wearables, among others.


Bradesco’s robust position in the Brazilian financial market is due in great part to the principles which govern its behavior and which may be accessed on the website, via the links Sobre o Bradesco and Nossos Princípios.


  • The client as the reason for the Organization’s existence
  • Transparency in all internal and external relationships
  • Respect for the competition
  • Belief in the value of people and their capacity to develop
  • Respect for human dignity and diversity
  • Social and environmental responsibility and promotion of sustainable development
  • Commitment to continuous improvement in the quality of customer care, products and services


The rapid and effective provision of financial and insurance-related solutions, products and services, primarily through banking inclusion and the promotion of social mobility, contributing to sustainable development and building lasting relationships that generate value for shareholders and for society as a whole.


To be recognized as the best and most efficient financial institution in the country and for active involvement in promoting banking inclusion and sustainable development.


  • Act with integrity, complying with the laws of the country and the standards that regulate our sector and our Organization
  • Respect equal rights for all, safeguarding individuality and privacy and not admitting any kind of discrimination
  • Uphold the commitment to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of the information entrusted to us, and, when mandatory, to disclose it fully and accurately
  • Exercise responsible leadership, promoting productive relations among the organization’s diverse hierarchical levels in an atmosphere conducive to the exercise of attributions and to professional and personal development, resulting in a healthy environment characterized by freedom of expression and geared to improving organizational results
  • Refuse advantages that may constitute improper relationships or may result in financial loss or damage to the organization’s reputation
  • Cooperate so that constructive relationships with clients, shareholders and investors, product and service suppliers and business partners, government and regulatory bodies, the press, communities, trade and industry associations may be based on ethical conduct, transparency and trust
  • Uphold the commitment to undertake, encourage and value environmental conservation, seeking to align business objectives with the wishes of the communities in which we operate
  • Support and foment initiatives that promote civic awareness, eradicate poverty and reduce social inequalities


Acquisition of HSBC.


Expansion of segmentation, particularly worthy of note being the segments Classic and Exclusive.


Unification of the Bradesco Seguros service bases.


Continuation on the Dow Jones World and Emerging Markets Sustainability Indexes (DJSI), as well as on the BM&FBOVESPA Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE) and the ICO2 in Brazil.


At the end of the five-year cycle of the Eco-Efficiency Steering Plan, Bradesco exceeded the targets established and offset 100% of its Scope I and 2 emissions, remaining heavily engaged in driving continuous improvement in performance.


Bradesco became one of the ten most outstanding Brazilian companies in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) – Climate Disclosure Leader 2015.


Inauguration of the new Bradesco Seguros headquarters in Alphaville (Barueri – São Paulo).


Integrated Insurance Platform: delivery of the People and Contract Record System Integrated with the Bank and the GRC (Governance, Risks and Compliance Module).


Implementation of Bradesco Seguro Simpli Empresa, a new elementary level insurance product for small and midsized companies.


Acquisition of new mainframe computer, boosting the Bradesco Seguros central computer’s processing capacity by 40%.


Beginning of the implantation of the system for the supplier approval module, through which the company initiated the assessment of social and environmental factors for the registration of suppliers.


Self enveloping bills, smart passwords and efficient statements: Bradesco Cartões concluded three important initiatives that significantly boosted eco-efficiency through the reduced use of paper, as well as decreasing operating costs and increasing efficiency. Cost reductions totaled more than R$34 million. In terms of eco-efficiency, paper savings reached around 366 metric tons in the year.