In its community relations, Bradesco develops social, sporting and cultural initiatives. The sports projects created and supported by the bank have always been underpinned by the principle of social inclusion and the consequent propagation of values such as respect, responsibility, ethics and, above all, civic awareness. An example is the sponsorship of the Olympic and Paralympic Games to be held in Rio de Janeiro in August and September 2016. The Organization also support six sports confederations (basketball, water sports, judo, rowing, rugby and sailing). This is Bradesco’s way of reaffirming its belief in and commitment to the country, contributing to the development of athletes and citizens for a modern Brazil, a land of work, growth and opportunity. To underscore the importance of sports in life and to reinforce its positioning as the official bank and insurer of the Olympic Games, the Bradesco Organization has been developing advertising campaigns that portray the challenges and the drive of athletes in diverse sports, showing how Olympic and Paralympic values can transform so many people’s lives.

In 2015, Bradesco maintained its traditional support and sponsorship of social and cultural events aimed at the most diverse audiences. These encompass hundreds of actions, ranging from valuing regional culture to international exhibitions, including theater plays, dance and music shows. The Organization also maintains three theaters and cinemas which bear its name, again with the aim of promoting the transformation and cultural enrichment of Brazil and the Brazilians.

The Bradesco Seguros Cultural Circuit organizes diverse cultural activities and sponsors exhibitions, theater, dance and music performances. Particularly worthy of note in 2015 were:

  • Longevity Circuit: races and walks organized in 14 cities in six states and the Distrito Federal, with more than 55,000 participants.
  • Conviva Movement: the movement promotes harmonious coexistence between cyclists, drivers, motorcyclists and pedestrians. One of the measures is the São Paulo Leisure Cycle Lane, a São Paulo city hall initiative sponsored by the Grupo Bradesco Seguros. This leisure route is 120.7 kilometers long (there and back); some 120,000 people participate in each event.
  • Anti-Breast Cancer Race and Walk: the Grupo Bradesco Seguros sponsored the 52nd and 53rd editions of this event in benefit of the IBCC (Brazilian Breast Cancer Control Institute) in Rio de Janeiro and in São Paulo, with around 19,000 participants.
  • Doormen Friends of the Elderly: aimed at the doormen of buildings, the program prepares and trains doormen who deal with the elderly on a daily basis, helping to ensure the safety, mobility and independence of senior citizens. In 2015, 44 groups received training in the Southeast of the country. A total of 1,580 doormen have completed the program since 2010.

Fundação Bradesco

The mission of the Fundação Bradesco is to drive social inclusion through education and to multiply best educational practices among the socially and economically underprivileged in Brazil. Based in Cidade de Deus, in Osasco, São Paulo, the institution has more than 3,000 employees and maintains 40 schools located in every state in Brazil and in the Distrito Federal. In existence for 59 years, it is one of largest high quality free education programs in the country.

In 2015, the Fundação Bradesco schools benefited 102,182 students at basic level (from infant to secondary and secondary technical level), in the areas of youth and adult education and initial and continuing vocational education aimed at promoting employability and generating income.

This consumed investments of R$502.72 million, R$52.04 million of which in infrastructure and educational technology. Over the last ten years, the foundation has invested R$5.07 billion at current values.

Additionally, the foundation maintains the Virtual School, an e-learning portal that offers distance and semi face to face courses for Fundação Bradesco students, ex-students, educators and employees, as well as community members interested in specialized or requalification courses for the labor market. The Virtual School offers more than 80 courses and has the capacity to attend 150,000 users simultaneously.

A number of education-oriented supplementary projects are also developed in partnership between Bradesco and the Fundação Bradesco:

Educa+Ação: the program is aimed at improving educational standards for primary level public school students. The initiative comprises classroom and distance training for teachers, the distribution of teaching materials, school visits and learning assessment in Portuguese Language and Mathematics. In 2015, 5,240 students and more than 270 teachers benefited in nine cities in the states of São Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul.

Programa de Aprendizagem: with the objective of helping secondary level students enter the labor market, the National Technical Apprentice Program is aimed at developing the skills of young apprentices to improve their employability, driving social and professional inclusion.

Bradesco Training Program for the Disabled: this programs enables the professional qualification and admission of disabled persons to work in Bradesco branches and departments, valuing cooperation and diversity in the classrooms installed in the Osasco unit of the Fundação Bradesco. In 2015, 40 Bradesco employees with physical, hearing or visual impairments enrolled and participated in the institution’s Administrative Technician course.

Business-School Integration Project: organized jointly by Bradesco and the Fundação Bradesco with the mission of promoting social integration by means of incentives for sports and cultural activities. Students aged from 8 to 18 years may participate in accordance with the established criteria. In 2015, 908 young people participated in internal competitions, friendly games and diverse cultural activities.

Bradesco Sports: the main goal of the Bradesco Sports and Education Program is to use sport as an educational strategy for girls. In 2015, the program benefited 2,032 students at its basic units and its specialized basketball and volleyball centers. In the basic units 1,839 young ladies took part in a series of tournaments and festivals. The specialist centers helped train 193 athletes, forming teams which participated in festivals and official competitions, some of which at state and national level.

O Bradesco se relaciona nos âmbitos social, esportivo e cultural com as comunidades
Bradesco community relations encompass social, sports and cultural activities.
Fundação Bradesco (One of the Bradesco controlling stakeholders). Focus: Education. INVESTMENTS: 502,721 million reais. Bradesco. Focus: fostering strategic initiatives with socioenvironmental investment aligned with its businesses. INVESTMENTS: 398,453 million reais, Initiatives funded with tax incentives, Projects, Institutional support, Donations Sponsorship. Total: 901,174 million reais.
PROJECTS 2012 2013 2014 2015
Business-School Integration Project 0.692 0.680 0.743 0.785
Bradesco Sports (with tax incentives) 4.612 5.481 5.580 7.859
Fundação Amazonas Sustentável (FAS) 12.402 12.039 8.000 7.667
Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica 23.081 10.000 9.000 8.000
Others 17.531 8.861 7.672 4.670
Total 58.318 37.061 30.995 28.981
INCENTIVE LAWS 2012 2013 2014 2015
Rouanet 81.4312 97.994 100.613 82.862
Audiovisual 0.600 0.800 0.070 -
Sport 22.259 24.974 24.488 19.577
Children's and Adolescents' Statute 11.060 16.308 22.569 19.499
PRONON and PRONAS1 ()3 14.000 42.144 28.361
Elderly ()3 0.800 23.128 19.806
Others 0.280 0.835 - -
Total 115.630 155.711 213.012 170.105
1. PRONON: National Oncological Support Program; PRONAS: National Disabled People’s Health Program.
2. Amounts adjusted according to purpose (via incentive or own funds).
3. Initiatives from 2013.
OWN FUNDS 2012 2013 2014 2015
Donations 18.421 31.515 40.068 65.593
Sponsorship 106.887* 76.885 110.824 133.774
Total 125.308 108.400 150.892 199.367
*The amounts were reallocated in accordance with a process to enhance existing measures.
  2012 2013 2014 2015
Amount invested 369.537 451.816 515.093 499.779
Bradesco Sports and Education1 4.6792 5.150 5.184 2.942
Total 374.216 456.966 520.277 502.721
1. The Fundação Bradesco supports the Bradesco Sports and Education Program.
2. The amounts were reallocated in accordance with a process to enhance existing measures.