As a traditional sponsor of sports in Brazil, Bradesco has been supporting the 2016 Rio Games since 2008, when Rio de Janeiro applied to host the world’s biggest sporting event. To make this dream come true, the bank organized an intense campaign in support of the bid and to engage the Brazilian people. In Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2009 we faced serious competition from Chicago, Tokyo and Madrid, but managed to make the dream of 200 million people come true.

With the choice of Rio de Janeiro to host the event, Bradesco organized a consistent proposal that translated its traditional support for sport, its commitment to the tradition of the Games and its intense dedication to upholding the values of inclusion and respect for others.

Bradesco’s support went beyond the Olympics to encompass the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games as well, making the Organization the first official sponsor, with exclusivity in the Bank and Insurance categories.

And, to further underscore its commitment to sport, Bradesco also sponsors the Brazil Team, the Brazilian delegation to the games, and the Olympic and Paralympic Torch Relays, in addition to six sports confederations: judo, basketball, water sports, rowing, sailing and rugby.

Bradesco accompanied the Brazil Team to the 2011 Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico, to the 2012 London Olympics, to the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, and lastly to the 2015 Toronto Pan American Games in Canada.

To transmit this sporting spirit to its diverse stakeholders groups and to every Brazilian nationwide, the Bradesco organized a series of campaigns to underscore the Olympic values (friendship, respect and excellence) and their Paralympic counterparts (inspiration, courage, equality and determination), as well as the leading role Brazil is assuming on the global sporting scene.

It was in this context that Bradesco initiated a series of engagement actions involving athletes in the sports it supports. One of these is the BRA Super Challenge, which are contests aimed at further engaging people that identify with sport and attracting new supporters, as well as providing information about the rules and particularities of each type of sport. In 2015 alone, ten challenges were organized in basketball, judo and rugby.


With the Rio 2016 Torch Relay, Bradesco wants to show the world the best of Brazil: its people and its hospitality, in particular the joyful way of being of the Brazilian people. The relay will pass through 329 Brazilian cities, including the state capitals and the Distrito Federal. The torch will be carried by 12,000 runners, who will cover 20,000 kilometers over a period of 95 days, until it reaches the Maracanã stadium on August 5, where the Olympic pyre will be lit. Bradesco is also sponsor of the Paralympic Torch Relay, which will pass through five cities, each of which representing one of the regions in the country.


Bradesco has been a major supporter of sports in Brazil for many years. In the 1980’s, the Organization supported sports such as athletics, table tennis, indoor football and a number of basketball and volleyball teams. Nineteen eighty-seven saw the start of the Bradesco Sports and Education program aimed at transmitting values such as respect, responsibility, discipline and ethics through volleyball and basketball. Every year around 2,000 girls and young women aged from 8 to 20 years participate in the program in 14 basic centers and 2 specialized ones. Attendance at an educational institution is a requirement for participating in the program.

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