For the Bradesco Organization, 2015 was a year of advances and achievements, a remarkable feat against the backdrop of uncertainties generated by the slowdown in the Brazilian economy and the drop in GDP. We had a successful year and are more than ever convinced that financial activity is fundamental for the resumption of growth in the country.

Permanently committed to the country’s economic and social growth, Bradesco always strives to attain the highest levels of efficiency and transparency, seeking to expand public access to banking products and services, while applying the most appropriate corporate governance practices to drive excellent results.

Since its foundation 73 years ago, Bradesco has accompanied the development of Brazilian society, driven by a pioneering spirit and determination to remain at the forefront of its sector. The company’s culture of quality and innovation, a common factor in all its initiatives, has ensured the evolution of its technological infrastructure and the technical and professional development of its work force, pillars which distinguish us in the financial market.

Among the most important events in 2015, worthy of note is the signature of the contract with HSBC Latin America Holdings (UK) Limited for the acquisition of 100% of the HSBC stock in Brazil. The operation, subject to the approval of the competent regulatory authorities, reaffirms our goal of strengthening Bradesco’s presence and operations in the market.

The bank’s robust performance in the year is evident in its results: Net Income reached R$17.873 billion, with the payout of R$6.035 billion to shareholders in the form of dividends and interest on own equity, corresponding to 32.2% of adjusted income. Notable was the participation of the Grupo Bradesco Seguros in these results, with 29.6% share. Total Assets reached R$1.080 trillion, growing 4.6% over the previous year, and Net Equity totaled R$88.907 billion.

In our business activities, we maintain a constant commitment to incorporating the principles and practices of sustainability into our strategic planning and our daily activities. In the social area, particularly worthy of note is the Fundação Bradesco, one of the largest private social and educational programs in Brazil, with 40 schools installed in all the states in the country and in the Distrito Federal, providing quality basic education free of charge and reinforcing the values of ethics and civic awareness. Underscoring this positioning in sustainability, it should be noted that Bradesco remained among the select group of participants in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index on the New York Stock Exchange for the 10th year running. Additionally, the Organization was listed on the BM&FBOVESPA Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE) for the 11th year in a row.

With renewed optimism given the challenges the country faces, we reiterate our positive outlook for Brazil. The Organization’s planning is based on solid fundaments, proven by the scale it has attained, by the broad diversification of products and services, by its solid assets and robust financial situation. With one of the largest service networks in the country, an overseas presence and a highly qualified internal structure in terms of experience and operating efficiency, Bradesco is fully prepared to meet the demands of continuous growth based on sustainable development.

With a sentiment of achievement and recognition, we wish to thank our clients and our shareholders for their support and the trust deposited in us, as well as the directors and other employees for their hard work, dedication and commitment to the Organization’s strategies, a determinant factor in the results achieved.

Lázaro de Mello Brandão
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi



The acquisition of all the HSBC operations in Brazil is the largest of the 48 undertaken by Bradesco since 1943. The Organization has achieved a new positioning in the market with an increased share in the high income segment. Its presence is expanded by the addition of 851 branches, 5 million clients and an increase in total assets to R$1.2 trillion. The operation, involving US$5.186 billion, comprehends:

  • Retail, high income, commercial and wholesale banking
  • Loan operation (Losango) and operating partnerships with retailers (more than 6,000 points)
  • Insurance/Private Pension/Capitalization

Payment will be in cash upon finalization of the transaction and approval by the regulatory authorities. The integration process will be executed upon completion of the operation.

HIGHLIGHTS – Unique asset

5 million Account Holders
Qualified team
62 billion Reais on deposit
Nationwide presence in all segments
  • The transaction represents an important opportunity to acquire a retail banking operation in Brazil, with a client base that complements Bradesco’s existing one. The deal will further strengthen the Bradesco platform, driving growth and reinforcing its positioning in all products: banking services, insurance and asset management.
  • It is expected that HSBC’s Operating Efficiency Ratio will improve, dropping from 63% (base: December 2014) to current Bradesco levels within three years.

*The operation was subject to approval by the regulatory authorities on the date of publication of this Report.